Baseball Instant Replay vs. Manager Ejections

Lou Piniella, Leo Durocher, Earl Weaver, and the legendary Bobby Cox; these are just some of the many great managers in the MLB that were able to inspire their teams while entertaining their fans in the process. But now, with the new Instant Replay rules in place, these iconic manager ejections may just become a thing of the past. No more hats being kicked across the dirt, no more fingers being pointed at one another, and no more intensity being brought up through the managers. Now that these new Instant Replay rules are in place, Major League Baseball will basically be removing the fun of the altercations and arguments about calls, as well as removing the fun debate of questionable/controversial calls caused by human error.

The manager ejection, it brings sort of a heightened intensity to the game. As a fan, when a call doesn’t go your team’s way, all you want to do is run out to the umpire and basically tell them to “stick a particular something somewhere.” But, since this particular act will get every fan carried out of the stadium in handcuffs; that is where men like the legendary Bobby Cox come into play. Managers, such as Cox, give fans the outlet and the opportunity to have the umpires yelled at over a terrible call without actually doing the yelling themselves. Now, with the Instant Replay being established, there is absolutely no reason for a manager to run out and argue with the umpire because they can just ask for the play to be reviewed. After the play is reviewed, even if the call is still not favorable to a particular team, the manager still cannot go and argue with the umpires about the call because then he would just look like a fool.

Backyard baseball, one of the greatest past times for the kids of a neighborhood. A time where you get a big group of your buddies together and act like it’s the World Series. When kids play backyard sports, there’s no Instant Replay to make sure calls are correct. Hell, there isn’t even umpires to make the calls during the game. These games were officiated based solely on what everyone sees, and sometimes followed by a large amount of arguing until they finally came to a conclusion. Now, translating that over to the Major League, the Majors at least have umpires to officiate the games, and they’ve had umpires officiating games for many, many years. During these many years, we have always relied on human error and human senses to officiate games. Now, Instant Replay being added to games is removing the use of human error and human senses that baseball was built on all of this time. If the MLB continues to add more cameras to the involvement of calls, then the game of baseball will begin to lose alot more of its intensity because all of the calls; whether they are balls, strikes, safe, out; will be so pinpoint accurate that the controversy of calls will continue to diminish.

Overall, even though the Instant Replays will be helping the umpires to make sure the calls on the field are correct, the addition of Instant Replays is taking away some of the exciting moments of baseball everywhere from the manager ejections to the controversial calls. Many of these moments will now have to go down in history great moments of the past in baseball. It also looks like Bobby Cox’s record of most career ejections will be etched in history for a long time to come, since managers now won’t have alot to argue about.

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