No Scoring in Little League Sports is a Terrible Idea

Recently, I was watching a movie starring Billy Crystal and Marisa Tomei titled “Parental Guidance.” And in this movie, they touched upon a particular topic that has to do with sports; Little League sports for that matter. In the movie, Crystal’s grandson was playing in a Little League Baseball game that, for some reason, did not track outs. But that’s not the worse part, they also did not keep track of runs, and all games ended in a tie. These changes in the rules of sports are all in the hopes of “fairness” and so “nobody gets their feelings hurt.” My reactions to this is, ITS A SPORT! There’s supposed to be a winner and a loser; with the exception of soccer and other sports that can end in ties; or what’s the point of the game! For some reason, these leagues are beginning to either rise, or being put into effect by the mother’s of the world. But, having no scoring, wins or loses won’t really effect the real outcome of how the kids feel at all.

Now you may be telling yourself; “Hey, you are using the shenanigans of a Hollywood Movie to try and prove your point.” This is true, but there are actually leagues such as these appearing around the Canada/America territories. The main objective for these different leagues is to not keep track of scores, wins, or any other positive/negative aspect of the sport in the hopes of not hurting anyone’s feelings and keeping their spirits up. So, from the definition of these leagues, it seems like there is a new wave of over-coddled, pansy children being raised nowadays who are being held back from experiencing downfalls and failure in the early stages of their lives. Now don’t get me wrong, not all leagues are taking this approach, thus giving the kids the opportunity to learn through the adversity with their wins and losses. But with these non-scoring leagues, children are not given the chance to make mistakes, and then learn from those mistakes. So if they’re being held back in this, then what else are they being held back in from making mistakes? If kids are not given the chance to learn from mistakes early on, then that can effect their problem solving later on with other aspects of their adulthood. Going through these types of leagues can also negatively effect the way the kids are when they go through higher levels of their respective sports.

The High School and College sports levels are a lot more serious than the youth sports leagues. With the High School and College sports teams, you’re not just playing for an in-house team for an organization; you’re also playing for a school, your peers, and sometimes even a city. The wins and loses mean alot more in a state/country championship picture, and all of the scores and standings are regularly reported in the local newspaper. So with this in mind, if you were to take away things such as wins, loses, outs, scores, or anything in between; then you’ll be taking away the kids understanding on what it means to win, and how to learn from defeat. Taking away these particular aspects of the sports we love will give these kids a false sense of security when they reach the higher levels of their sports. The reason for this would be because playing youth sports in this particular way will lessen their understanding of the magnitude that wins and loses can bring to their team, and the people associated with their team. And if they were to lose at this stage of their careers, then it would be hard for them to know how to cope with defeat because they were not exposed to it in their earlier years in the sport.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is don’t take away the pieces of sports that we all know and love. Don’t take away the competition, the last second shots, the decisions to go for the tie or the win, the thrill of the win or the agony of defeat! These are all of the reasons that we love sports, this is what sports are built on. It doesn’t matter if you have been playing sports all of your life, or have never played at all; we all know that sports are more fun and educational if they are played as a competition. If we take away these aspects of the sports we love and focus on making sure nobody’s feelings get hurt, then what kind of society have we become? I’ll leave that for you to answer.


  • I agree completely. Scores allow kids to learn how to be a good winner, be a good loser, how to work hard and find encouragement/motivation to practice. Because, guess what people, life is full of winners and losers! Apply for a job? Someone will get it, someone won’t. Audition for a play? Someone will get it, someone won’t. Dating? Most relationships will lose, some will win. It’s everywhere, and scored sports allow kids to learn how to win with humility and lose with dignity. Besides, pretending scores don’t exist simply means that we parents are confused when our kids are disappointed (because you KNOW that they are keeping score!). It’s bad for everybody.

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