Sensitivity Kills Traditions

Every sports team has a tradition that fans love. Whether it’s the Running Sausages at Miller Park for the Milwaukee Brewers, singing “Go Cubs Go” after each Chicago Cubs win, and everything in between; traditions are one of the many things that we enjoy about our favorite sports. But, some people are not very fond of particular traditions out there, and want to try and do something about it to make them feel better; but take away the fun for the rest. They believe that if they do not like a particular moment in their experience with a sport, then no one should experience it. Basically, these people just need to stop being so sensitive and let the traditions live!

For those of you who do not know the tradition of the “Shoot The Puck” contest, normally you will see four contestants competing to score a goal from center ice. During the contest, their is usually a beautiful woman that is selected and when it’s her turn to shoot, the organist would play the song “The Stripper” as a little joke. Now, after a wide spread twitter campaign using the #BanTheStripper, the Blackhawks will now not be playing it during the contest. My view on this: where do you get off? It’s a tradition, it’s fun and funny and the woman on the ice usually either laugh at it, or pays no mind to it at all. It’s just good old fun, or have people forgotten the meaning of fun? The Blackhawks have also been doing this for a number of years now, and for some reason people have a problem with it now! Honestly, if you have a problem with something that you hear or see, here’s an idea, DON’T PAY ATTENTION. I mean what’s next, a girl name Chelsea is offended by Chelsea Dagger because they do not like how their name is paired with the word “Dagger?” And to be completely honest, if they can make a twitter campaign to ban the stripper, I can just as easily make a campaign with the hashtag #BringBackTheStripper. If other people can give their opinions about the topic, why couldn’t I? To add to that, the second part of the petition was to have the ice girls wear the same clothes as the male ice workers. Now what’s the problem with the ice girls? They’re basically the hockey equivalent of cheerleaders, so why shouldn’t they dress like that? Telling the ice girls to cover up is like telling the Chicago Bulls cheerleaders to wear slacks and a hoodie. They would not be cheerleaders anymore, they would be more like Wal-Mart greeters with Pom-Poms!

In recent years, we have basically seen the pussification of  America forming all around us; where nobody’s feelings should be hurt. This isn’t the only example of sensitivity killing sports traditions in our country. One other example would be the removing of a football team’s name after SEVENTY YEARS. With instances such as this team’s name, why wait until now to have a problem with it? If it was not a problem for seventy years, then there should not be a problem now. We have basically become a society where if something is offensive to you, then you can just either sue, or whine and bitch until you get your way. And no matter what you do, sue or whine, the person/organization that you are going after will probably either cave in or give you a large sum of money to shut you up. The reason for this is because they are still a business, and they would much rather stay in business and keep their fans in tact, then lose them over a minor, miniscule scenario that does not have to do much with their business. To add to that, to all of the people that are using twitter and social media to try and get what you want, I’m going to do the same thing. On the twitter account for this page, I will be using the hastags; #DontDestroyTraditions, #KeepTheTradtions, and #SensitivityKillsTraditions. Let’s go back to how our society was, not as sensitive about feelings and respecting the fun traditions already in place.

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