The World Cup: From a Non-Soccer Fan

Clint Dempsey? Tim Howard? Jermaine Jones? That’s exactly what I said before the 2014 FIFA World Cup began. But, as the tournament began and proceeded forward, this team captured America’s attention and America’s hearts. Even though there are a large amount of soccer fans in the U.S, the U.S is not necessarily a well known soccer nation. But, whether it was Clint Dempsey’s miraculous goal to open up their game against Ghana, or Jon Brooks’s fantastic header to win the game in the 86th minute against Ghana; the U.S. was on the edge of their seats every step of the way. Before the World Cup even began, I always had a negative view toward the game of soccer. I’ll be completely honest when I say that I never thought I would watch one second of a soccer game in my life. But, after the truly remarkable run that the Men’s National Team took, I can truly say that I am now a soccer fan!

This team brought this country together and allowed us to believe in something this summer. It didn’t matter if you were a soccer fan all of your life, or if you just started following the sport, it allowed all of us to come together for the common good and cheer our country on. During the magnificent run that the US Mens National Team took this year, there was alot of new fans that began to emerge to the point where it looked like our country was a soccer nation for years. What could have sparked this recent love for soccer? It could be the big rise that the FIFA video game franchise has taken over the years. With the rise in popularity of the FIFA franchise, many people could have realized how entertaining soccer could be and what monumental weight the World Cup could hold. The FIFA franchise also helped the new crop of soccer enthusiasts by helping them understand the rules and the formations in playing the game. It allowed fans to try and learn the game of soccer, which is not exactly an American past time, from a somewhat first-hand basis by playing through games and situations.

When it comes to all of the memorable players and moments from this year’s FIFA World Cup for Team USA, I have definitely become a fan of Captain America, a.k.a Clint Dempsey. Dempsey, with his broken nose that he suffered in their first game of the tournament against Ghana, helped lead his team during their stretch of the tournament through the Group of Death, until the remarkable game against Belgium in the knockout stage with determination and heart. Dempsey also added two exciting goals during this year’s FIFA World Cup, such as his first goal in the opening minute of the Ghana game, and his amazing goal off of his chest that led to the U.S taking the lead in their game against Portugal. Then there are the remarkably remember-able moments that took our breath away. My top two favorite moments to come from this exciting World Cup include Jon Brooks’s header in the 86th minute, AS A SUBSTITUTE, to win the game for the United States against Ghana. But, my overall favorite moment has got to be the goal scored by Julian Green in the 107th minute of their Round of 16 game against Belgium. The young kid, Julian Green comes into the game and gave the United States a glimmer of hope in extra time during the exciting and heart stopping game against Belgium.

This heart stopping tournament that the United States went through this year gave Americans the opportunity to watch the game of soccer on a large scale, and have something to cheer for in the process. It brought us times of joy, times of heartache, and times of amazement. Once this tournament concluded and everything was said and done, I am happy to say that I am a U.S. soccer fan. Now, I feel the only way I can end this is with a little chant that swept through the U.S like wild fire.


I believe

I believe that

I believe that we

I believe that we will





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