Trust Theo

The 2015 Major League Baseball season is underway, and the Chicago Cubs are looking to become the top dogs in the National League with a relatively young squad. When looking at the roster during Spring Training, alot of people would say that the most exciting part heading into this season would be Kris Bryant coming up to the majors. Kris Bryant, who hit 43 home runs total during his time in the minor leagues and 9 home runs during Spring Training, was then sent back to the minors after the conclusion of Spring Training. When this occurred alot of fans, players, and analysts were very confused and frustrated at the decision. Even though it has been a little while since this happened and the news may have died down a little, I am here to tell the rest of the people who still believe this was a bad idea to RELAX and trust Theo Epstein.

Kris Bryant has basically taken control of the minor leagues during his time there. He has been crushing the ball, posting a batting average of .325 over the span of the year 2014 according to, so he should be fine for a few weeks to start this season. With Theo sending Kris down to the minor leagues to start the season, I see it as him wanting Kris to getting rolling a bit to start the season before he makes it up to the big leagues. He will be able to get into the groove of the season, work against some regular season talent who have the added incentive of moving up to the show, and then be brought up when the time is right. If Theo were to bring him up right at the beginning of the season, I would be afraid that he would get into a slump against major league talent, and then possibly not be able to work out of this slump. So overall, it is better for everyone involved if Kris Bryant were to be brought up when he is on a roll in the minors so that his transition into major league action is alot smoother.

Theo Epstein, as many people know, was the general manager of the Boston Red Sox during the time they made their big turn around when they started to become major contenders again. His strategy as a GM helped the Red Sox win two World Series titles in four years, their title in 2004 was their first after an 80+ year drought. His methodology for managing an organization helped bring the Red Sox out of the abyss of not making the playoffs, to two-time champions in a four year span. Epstein has had this methodology since these days, and this methodology is what the Cubs liked about him and is why they brought him into the organization. The Cubs wanted him to come in and help build this team into a contender through restructuring the minor league squads in order to help the club develop their own talent for the future. They also wanted him to bring the right guys through free-agency that will win them a championship and not just draw a crowd with any name value.

Overall, Theo Epstein has been in the game of baseball for many years now, helping to put together ball clubs across the country to become championship caliber squads. He has won two championships, brought a team in a championship drought back into the spot light, and made a name for himself in this sport at such a young age. He has proven that he has the ability to run a ball club, and everyone questioning his thought of sending Kris Bryant back to the minors need to realize that he has a reason behind this, and you just need to let this season work out and see what happens.


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