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Thoughts On Life

  The other day I was on, everyone’s favorite video streaming website…(take a guess this one is not hard)…and I found myself listening to barbershop quartet covers of several songs from deferent decades. There was something about these songs that made me picture myself giving advice to my grandkids. What would I say? What advice would I give? What mistakes have I made that I

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Retail-istic Customer Advice

It’s 2018. Online shopping is at an all-time high, however, retail stores are still going strong-ish. With retail stores making proper investments they could be around a bit longer than expected. Perhaps, even, they never go away completely. That being said, people have become way too accustomed to instant gratification. From streaming and on-demand content for entertainment to overnight shipping

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Life Stories

  It‘s Friday night yet again. You have a choice to make; stay home and watch Netflix till you pass out…for the third Friday in a row.  Alternatively, you could go out with your friends who have made plans to go somewhere you have never gone to, or do something you have never done.   Per last Friday’s article (Friday-Night Special) as long

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Twitter Has Become A Necessary Evil In Sports Media Today

  Our attention spans have continued to dwindle throughout the last few generations. Before, our society would sit and read eloquently crafted articles that had the power to transport you to the game itself. But then, as society changed, the journalists changed with it. Instead of extensive paragraphs that would try to paint a picture of the sporting event, you

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