Brightly Negative

The great thing about friends is you get to chose who you hang out with and typically, like the saying goes, “you like people who are like you.” Each one of your friends is a bit different, maybe one person is into video games, and the other is into making models; or maybe one is the bright positive type while another is a bit of a “Negative Nancy”. Some of you may have just had the thought of why would I hang out with a negative person, I don’t need negativity in my life. If you had a version of that in your mind regarding having a friend or even hanging out with someone you would qualify as a “Negative Nancy” my bet would be you have friends like this or met someone like this and actually enjoyed their company.


If one was to think about all the people they would meet in their lifetime, they just might be surprised at how many of those people they would say are a negative type of person. Just like everything else in life this is a matter of perspective. Take for instance your average comedian! A comedian takes every day occurrences and flips the perspective to tell an interesting and humorous story. In fact, comics have an actual equation about what makes something funny:


Tragedy + Time = Comedy


In another instance that negative person might not be seeing what they are saying as negative, more of just an observation. Again one could look at the comics as doing the same thing. They might be observing something and seeing the flaw that will take that structure or that plan, that you worked so hard and so long on, down! Damn It Becky! I spent a month on that presentation and you tour it apart! …huh?!…sorry where was I?…. oh yeah! They may just be trying to convey a way to make the matter better by pointing out what needs to be fixed…even if you kind of loath how they did it…Becky!

*inhales deeply*



People who are innately negative might be much more positive than their words portray. By pointing out the negative, they are helping people come up with better solutions to problems. One could also argue that vocally negative people, like in the examples above, live a happier and healthier life. They found a way to let out their frustrations, while people who hide those feelings and thoughts within themselves do more harm than good.


Next time you hang out with your friends and your friend says something negative that you don’t agree with, take a step back and look at it from their perspective. It just might surprise you! In addition its always good to have a little negativity around just to keep you grounded and help see what can happen if you get to far ahead of yourself.


Of course this is just my opinion and  people, much like alcohol and hits to the head, should be taken in moderation.


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