It’s The Perfect Time For An XFL Revival!

The XFL is a completely separate brand of football. Sure, it did flop like an NBA player in the playoffs; but it is still something different from the norm.

For those that are not familiar with the XFL, it was a separate football league created by WWE CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon back in 2001. It only lasted one season, but it was a much more “dude centered” brand of football. Whether it was cameras in cheerleaders locker rooms, or nicknames on the backs of jerseys; the XFL was really centered around being different, and being a “guys” league.

It kind of resembled the “attitude era” of the WWE.

But even though the XFL flopped hard to begin with, now is the PERFECT opportunity to make a comeback.

As of late, the NFL has been the center of alot of media attention. Regardless what your beliefs are on the kneeling or other various lawsuits that occurred, it’s still media attention. This said attention has lost many fans, as evident by the various fans burning jerseys and denouncing their fandom for the league.

In addition, they have also seen a noticeable drop in viewership over this past season as well. (Not to say that this “media attention” was the cause of it).

There are alot of fans that are done with the NFL and what has transpired over the previous season. Many of them still love their football, but they don’t want to be associated with the league.

In comes the XFL…..

This provides the perfect opportunity for Vince McMahon and the XFL to steal away some of this “lost viewership.” They have the opportunity to bring in disgruntled fans to their product, and hopefully keep them watching.

The problem is, the NFL AND College Football are so ingrained in the minds of the world, that it would be hard for the XFL to find success playing between September and January. Vince McMahon and co. need to consider shifting their season to another part of the year.

The best solution for this would be to hold their season immediately after the Super Bowl. You’ll be riding on the high of the Super Bowl, and will have fans clamoring for football for the next 6-7 months. Why not give them what they want? FOOTBALL!!!

But, the new XFL NEEDS to stay away from it’s old ways, and focus on being more family centered. Less of the “sex appeal,” “WWE Attitude Era” stuff and more FOOTBALL! I enjoyed the changes they made to the game, such as the scramble to determine possession at the beginning. But you have to cater to EVERYONE if you want to have success as a football league.

This isn’t a power move by the McMahon’s, or anything like that. This is just great timing, and a fantastic business decision.


The important thing here is, do YOU believe in this? Do you want to see the XFL come back? Let us know in the comments section below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages;

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