The Importance Of A Shower Beer!

There’s an epidemic going on around the world, and it needs to be stopped…..beerless showers.

People are stressing out at their jobs, and whatever else is going on in their lives. And how do they try to relieve that stress? Take a regular shower.

A regular shower? That doesn’t always work for me. Sure, if it’s just a normal day, a regular shower will do the trick. But if I just had a real shitty day, I need a little something extra. And what would that be? A BEER!!

A shower beer is a NECESSITY for any post-work shower. The concept of the shower beer is rather easy to explain; you drink a beer while you’re in the shower. BUT, how you FEEL drinking a shower beer is much more difficult to explain in words.

Basically, in the best words that I can use, drinking a shower beer just transports you to another place. A shower beer is something that brings about a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. When drinking said shower beer, all of the stresses from your day just seem to float away, even if it’s only for that one moment.

But when drinking a shower beer, you need to understand what is the best beer for YOU!

When selecting a beer, you can choose from a wide array of brews. Maybe you are an IPA fan? Or what about a stout? Or a lager?

Me personally, I prefer a much lighter beer. Now, it doesn’t have to be a “lite” beer in the sense of calorie counting. But, I’m more or less talking about a lager or a pilsner. The reason being is because the lighter the beer, the lighter you’ll feel. You don’t want a heavy beer weighing you down while you are trying to take a shower?

But, again, that’s my personal preference. To each his own.

Basically what I am trying to tell you is, you need to experience a shower beer for yourself. My words can only do so much, but the action itself is much more invigorating. Trust me!drink-beer.jpg


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