The Art Of Drinking Part 1 (The Beginning)


This is a rather large subject to cover in one article, and I, for one, do not like reading that much. So I have split this up into parts to make it easier for me to write & for you to read without getting too bored…you are welcome.

A person’s twenty-first birthday is a very special event. For some, it is the last birthday that really matters. Why? I hear you ask. Well, let’s look at the milestones, as far as birthdays are concerned:

10: You hit double digits. You may have your first midlife crises. ‘Oh God, the rest of my life will be with double digits,’ might be one of your thoughts. (A mini midlife crisis, if you will.)

13: You are now officially a teenager. Thanks to puberty and just being a teenager, your level of ‘not giving a crap’ hits an all-time high.

16: You gain your learners permit, and later your license. You think you are the coolest guy on your block. Some states you can also be legally employed. Being employed means you pay taxes on what you make.

18: You are now legally an adult. Thus you are eligible to go to big boy/girl jail. You also gain the right to vote AND subsequently are eligible for jury duty. BONUS: If the draft is ever reinstated, you are eligible for that as well.

21: Legal drinking age in the USA. Yup, that is pretty much it for the major milestones.

After those numbers, the new milestones are the numbers ending in 0 & 5.


On your twenty-first birthday somethings are to be expected. You will drink a lot…A LOT. Your friends will pick up most of the bill. Your bartender may even pick up one or two rounds for you as well…whoever is paying please remember to tip the bartenders well.

There is a kind of, unwritten rule about being twenty-one. For a good amount of time, you are able to celebrate this. One really has to go by feel on this one. It could be anywhere from a week, to close to a month. Depending on your group of friends, and their willingness to enable how cheap you are. It also depends on what your personality is while inebriated.

We will cover this in part 2. Click here


Please remember to always drink responsibly & even if you just get water at the bar because you are the designated driver, tip your bartender.

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