Thoughts On Life


The other day I was on, everyone’s favorite video streaming website…(take a guess this one is not hard)…and I found myself listening to barbershop quartet covers of several songs from deferent decades. There was something about these songs that made me picture myself giving advice to my grandkids. What would I say? What advice would I give? What mistakes have I made that I wish they won’t make?

So here are just a few short thoughts about life and the way we live each day:

‘Always remember to take a second to realize where you are and how lucky you are to be there.’

Whenever you find yourself more focused on where you are going rather than where you are at the moment, stop! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and take a moment to realize that this is the youngest you will ever be from now on. Realize that every step you take is bringing you closer to your future. A future that you can’t predict and can’t control as much as you might want to control it.

Think the most. Do more. Say less.

This kind of goes back to the article ‘Life Stories‘. Just be more active in life. This also makes you look smarter.

Saying that you are “bored” is a useless statement, when you think about it. 

Your mind is the strongest tool you will ever have, so train it well. When you are sitting and feeling “bored” start thinking. Doesn’t matter what you think about. You can take that trip you always wanted to go on. Relax on the beach with no one else around, without even leaving your chair. The power of your mind is only as limited as you make it.


Respectfully talk to people who have different beliefs than you.

You won’t know if you truly know something unless you talk to someone with the opposite point of view. Don’t argue just talk.

It is ok to be emotional about things. 

Unless you are a Vulcan you will be emotional. That is called the human condition Mr. Spock.

Whatever you do in life, do your best at it.

Whatever you do in life don’t half-ass it. If you are going to do something put your entire self in it.

You are going to fail. A LOT!

‘If you fail, try, try again.’ If it wasn’t such a regularly occurring event there wouldn’t be so many sayings of how much you are going to fail and why you should never give up.

Time Travel is real.

You just have to know where to look and who to ask. Find someone, in person, and ask them to tell you a story about their life. Some stories, in the way they are told, can transport you to another time.


You won’t get along with everyone.

Sad but true?? No, not really sad at all, it takes many different types of people to make the world go round and it would be impossible to have everyone get along.

Make quality friends rather than quantity.

Keep good company, not a lot of company.

There are a lot of little bits of advice about life to pass down. That is one more thing that is so good about life. You will never stop learning new things and you will always have information to pass down to other people.


Comment below with some life lessons you have learned.

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