Best Beer For The Big Game

We love our brews here at The Midwestern Barfly Gazette, that’s a fact. We try to teach you lessons about beer, such as which is the best one to have in the shower (The Importance Of A Shower Beer!). But with the biggest game in the NFL’s schedule right around the corner, I feel like I need to bring up another important “brew” lesson.

And that lesson is……..Best Beer For The Big Game!

Ah yes, the Super Bowl! That time of year where millions of people around the world scarf down multiple helpings of chicken wings, brats, hot dogs, burgers, and especially BEER! It’s where people loosen their belts a few notches, and for some, are knocked out by the fourth quarter.


But, with all of this gorging happening, it would be a shame if you couldn’t partake in the delectable spread put out due to some unforeseen circumstances. Such as……..poor beer choices.

Now, this may sound similar to the shower beer article, but trust me it’s for your own good.

When choosing a beer for “The Big Game,” you need to stay LIGHT! Many people like to partake in multiple brews during the game. But, if you drink too many of those heavy IPA’s, you are not going to last four quarters of championship football.

Not only that, with all of the heavy wings and nachos that will be consumed on Sunday, heavy beers will just weigh you down. You’ll feel sluggish, tired, and quite possibly hit the dreaded “fourth quarter sleepys.”

What are the “fourth quarter sleepys” you may ask? Basically, fourth quarter comes around, and you end up falling asleep. And who wants to be asleep during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl?


Now, I’m not saying you have to go with a beer that you can get 30 of for $12. If that’s not your taste, then don’t go for it. (Even though I’m not a person that can pass that up. What a deal!)

But there are still some great tasting lighter beers out there. Just make sure to do your research, and keep yourself away from those dreaded “fourth quarter sleepys.”


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