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This Article Is Ironic

  Chances are that you are reading this on some kind of mobile device. That or you have one close by like I do. The world has become such a small place thanks to the tether we hold in our pockets. If you couldn’t tell by the picture above, this article is about smartphones. I know what you are thinking ‘Oh, look another

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Making The Most Out Of Sunday

*Yawn* *Sigh* Is it Sunday already?!! WHY?! Well, tomorrow is Monday. Meaning we have one more day to make the most of before we go back to the steady and seemingly endless grind of the week. Whether that means work or school, Monday coming back means we have to solve this one important issue that has plagued humans since the

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Growing Up Tall

If you haven’t hit your growth spurt, then listen up pal! There’s a few things you need to know. I am 6’4″, and have been 6’4″ since junior year of high school. And yes, I know there are other people taller than me, but these are MY EXPERIENCES! So back the hell off. To start, you’ll be asked to reach

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Friday-Night Special

Its Friday! You’re done with work, it’s been a hell of a week, and all you want to do is go where everyone knows your name, Or just some of the people. I have always loved what people call “Dive Bars”, I use to frequent one in college, I don’t have a problem I swear, officer. It was right down the street from

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The Importance Of A Shower Beer!

There’s an epidemic going on around the world, and it needs to be stopped…..beerless showers. People are stressing out at their jobs, and whatever else is going on in their lives. And how do they try to relieve that stress? Take a regular shower. A regular shower? That doesn’t always work for me. Sure, if it’s just a normal day,

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Whats Hawaiian For “Oops”?

  You’re in a tropical paradise, the cool island breeze blowing through your oversized flower shirt. You are sipping on a nice fruity drink because no one there will judge you. You hear the sweet island sound of seagulls, pelicans, waves crashing, and the warning siren of an incoming missile strike. What is a person supposed to do? Unless you

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