The Art Of Drinking Part 2 (Learning To Fly)


If you missed part 1 click here.

In this part, we will get a look at the different kinds of characters people turn into when they have had a few drinks. I have provided a brief description of each kind of character to give you some insight, as well as, some tips on how to handle said characters if you are the designated driver.

It is well into the night of your twenty-first birthday. You have had your fair share of beer, vodka, rum, or whatever you chose.

Pro Tip: the old saying, “beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer you are in the clear.” In my experience has no real truth, as long as you pace yourself and stay the HELL away from tequila!

Anyway, you are feeling really good. You’re loosened up and happy to be there with your friends. You may even try to make some new friends. You tell jokes, that quite possibly only you find funny, but hey! You are havin’ a goooood time. You are what we like to call the ‘smiley person’. 🙂

The Smiley Person: As the name indicates, you can’t stop smiling and laughing. For the most part, this is the ideal characteristics you want to have. Be careful though because not everyone wants to hear what you have to say. To be safe stick to talking with your friends and if you see someone laughing when you or your friends say something funny, then you can welcome them into your conversation. 

Additional Tip: Don’t be the type of ‘smiley person’ that walks around the bar trying to make friends with everyone. Not everyone is willing to be so friendly.


This brings us to our next type.

The Grump: Much like the meme cat, the ‘Grump’ doesn’t care who is around them. They want to have their drink(s) and just want to regain the internal peace and harmony they once had. The ‘Grump’ isn’t really violent. They would rather use their words to warn you repeatedly to leave them alone. Typically they start out kind of quiet, but if someone like a ‘smiley person’ keeps trying to make them laugh the ‘Grump’ will raise their voice and throw in some swearing to get there point across. The best thing to do for this kind of character is to leave him or her alone and let the bartender take care of them.

Additional Tip: One might try and buy this character a drink to get on their good side. DON’T! Just leave them alone and go back to what you were doing. Interaction is a waste of time.

The Caretaker: This is the type of person that, even if they are feelin’ REALLY good, they will make sure everyone around them is well taken care of. This could consist of making sure everyone who wants a drink gets a drink. If they knock over a drink they will make sure that the drink is replaced and paid for. This character is very easy to converse with. What is best to do here is to talk with them and make sure they don’t get taken advantage of by any person looking to get a free drink.

Additional Tip: ‘Caretakers’ can be a touchy-feely kind of character. From leaning on the person they are talking to, to consoling them with a hand on the shoulder if they get a slight hint of sadness from the person they are talking to.


The Sad Sack a.k.a The Wet Blanket: This is the type that curls into their drink and uses the bar and friends around them as a kind of, therapist. Best Practice here is to be a good friend. If you are out with a group, take the person over to a secluded part of the room (such as a booth or corner of the bar), and talk to them. Just be there for them.

Additional Tip: If you are out in a group and you have a ‘Caretaker’ personality in said group, have them talk with this person. These two characters are two sides of the same coin.

The Fighter: This character should be cut off immediately as soon as someone sees the person’s mood change to this. This character is violent and is ready to fight anyone for no reason than just to fight.

Additional Tip: If it is bad and one doesn’t have any way of talking this character down, have the bartender call the cops. Alternatively, if you think you can handle them, ask the bartender to watch your friends, (if you are out in a group) and take the fighter home.

In part 3 we will explore how to properly drink in a social situation without becoming any kind of character. The Goal is maintaining a low buzz while being able to stay your normal self and carry on a normal conversation.

Click here for part 3


Please remember to drink responsibly and tip your bartenders.

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