Lessons You Were Never Expecting….

Just last week, I was sitting on my couch scrolling through Twitter, when an interesting tweet appeared on my screen. It was a GIF talking about teachers from your life, and how even the craziest ones have taught you the most important lessons.

That got me thinking, which teachers from my past would that work for?

I started to think back on my career as a student, and all the teachers that I crossed paths with from kindergarten to my senior year of college. There were plenty of names I could pick for this article. My creative writing and small engines teachers in high school, or my Western Heritage teacher in college.

Hell, I even learned lessons from the chaperones that would keep an eye on us on the playground in elementary school. (Even though you may not classify them as teachers, they still knew a thing or two).

But for me, I think my science teacher from middle school taught me the most. Personally, I would not like to use real names in this article; so let’s call her Mrs. C.

For some reason, different states have different classifications for “middle school.” Where I went, grades 6th through 8th were what made you a “middle schooler.” And you better believe it, Mrs. C was my teacher for all three years.

To explain Mrs. C in one word, I would have to say strict. Not strict in a bad way, but strict in more of a “developmental” kind of way.

What do I mean by “developmental,” you may ask?

Well, in my opinion, Mrs. C wanted to prepare her students for the real world. She didn’t want to be the teacher that was protective of feelings, where everything was sunshine and rainbows.

Basically, she wanted to show that life can be rather shitty, and you have to put in the work in order to make it not.

For example; we would always have these “safety quizzes” at the very beginning of her course. They were these small exams that would run through all of the safety procedures and protocols when handling hazardous materials in a science classroom.

In order to pass, you would need to ace the damn thing, 100%, or else you would need to retake the test over……..in detention.

Now let’s get something straight here, you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to pass these tests. You just needed to have common sense, do your work, and you would be fine.

Now let’s get something ELSE straight here, common sense with 11-13 year old’s isn’t always so common. Because I only passed one of those three tests. It was stupid little bonehead mistakes here and there that kept me from that 100%, and that sent me to detention.

But the point is, she is/was teaching her students a very important lesson;

Life has it’s consequences. If you don’t prepare for something, then you will get punished, also known as cause and effect. Sure, it might have sucked and was a major inconvenience in your life. But if you didn’t understand this shit, then sooner or later during the class you might burn your damn hand off.

And trust me, this wasn’t the only lesson she taught us. There were plenty of others packed into those three years.. But in the end, all she wanted from us was to work hard in her class, actually learn something, and try to make something of ourselves.

She didn’t want to see some puny elementary schoolers walk into her classroom. She wanted mature, and respectful adults that could handle themselves in that environment. And damnit, I think she made that a reality…..(with most).


How about you? Any teachers from your past that changed your life in some way? Let us know in the comments below, or on one of our various social media pages;

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