Letter To The Fans: Time For Me To Eat Crow…

Dear Fans,

The “Big Game” has come and gone. The confetti has fallen, the trophy has been passed to the victor, and the Eagles fanbase is recovering from a night of rioting.

And…..I’m cooking up a gigantic plate of crow today. Why? Because I decided to boast and bloviate about how the Patriots were going to beat the Eagles for weeks now. But then, they lost.

But, I’ll be a man and admit when I’m wrong. Since the game was set a few weeks back, I told anyone that asked me that Tom Brady and the Pats were going to win it all.

But I was wrong.

I said that Nick Foles would come down to earth from the Vikings game…..

I was wrong.

I said that Tom Brady would “systematically” take apart the Eagles defense and have one hell of a game…….

I was “somewhat” wrong; (you can’t really knock 505 yards and 3 scores.)

But this wasn’t the game I was expecting. I thought greatness and the legacy of New England would reign supreme; but I was wrong.

So I am here to man up and say; Congrats To The Philadelphia Eagles! You have been waiting for this for years, and it is finally here. Enjoy it, and see you next year.

Sincerely, The Founder


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