Drinking Forties: A Blessing And A Curse

People may tell you that forties can be a blessing and a curse sometimes. And I’m here to walk you down the crazy road of why….

But since I’m here to teach you about beers, I should explain what a forty is to those who are unaware. A forty, in the most SIMPLEST TERMS, is a forty ounce beer. (I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this. But anyway, I digress).

Blessing: IT’S FORTY OUNCES OF BEER! You are literally holding on to 3+ beers at once without having to get up and grab another. Next to a personal mini-keg, this is the most convenient portable brew container out there.

Not only that, but it’s perfect for parties where you need to bring just enough to get you through the night. They’re perfect for when the case of beer you got is just not enough, and you need just a little bit more to cap it all off.

Curse: A warm beer is something we FEAR, and that’s the case with a forty. If you want to buy yourself a personal forty, it’s going to get very warm very quick. I mean, you could easily pour it into a glass each time you want a beer while you keep it in the fridge. But where’s the convenience in that?

Instead, you should go with the 40 oz. beer cooling sleeve, (rhymes with boozy). It’ll help keep your brew cool longer while enjoying the sweet convenience of your forty ounces of beer.

The only other problem you may have with a forty is the dirty looks you get from others. People staring while you take a swig from it, judging. Honestly, they sort of have a right to judge, since this isn’t college anymore. But you know what to say to that?

“People like you make me want to drink like this.”

Forties are a commodity that don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. They sit on the shelves of convenience stores just waiting to be purchased by shoppers. All I am trying to do is teach my fellow man about the importance of the forty, and what can come from it. But above all, we all just need to;



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