The Importance Of A Whiskey Wednesday

Wednesdays; that day of the week that separates the work week down the middle. That one day of the week where you can say; “two days behind me, and two days ahead of me.” You know, hump day!

And with “hump day,” you need something to spice up your week. You need something to just give you that spark that a normal beer might not give you.

(Kellen’s not talking about beer? I know, shocker!)

But look at it this way, we all have/need that one thing to help us unwind after a tough week of work. It’s something to keep us sane, and to keep us from going haywire on the next person we see.

So why not have that in the middle of the week?

Whiskey, for me, has the power to help you relax and enjoy your surroundings. But depending on the whiskey; you could either drink it to get messed up, or drink it for the taste.

For a “Whiskey Wednesday,” I always focus on the later. I’m not looking to get drunk with work the next day; I just want to change up the game plan for the week. And at this point of the week, beer just doesn’t do the trick that the whiskey knows.

But for other’s, “Whiskey Wednesday” is a time where all they drink is whiskey. And if that’s your style, by all means do your thing.

In the end, you should NOT let any of this effect your work. Drink responsibly, and stay safe out there.

And above all……….#RespectTheWhiskey!


But what’s your favorite drink to have in the middle of the week? And how do you like your whiskey? Let us know in the comments below, or on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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