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Thoughts On Life Part 2

Because the first one was such a hit, and much like those walking, talking greedy suits in the movie and video game industries; I felt inclined to write a sequel to Thoughts On Life. In no particular order and in the words of everyone’s favorite D.C. psychotic villain, Here…We…Go: Read an actual book. Don’t use ebooks, don’t use audiobooks. Pick up and read an

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One Quick Ride

  If you haven’t noticed, I, particularly like remembering how I saw things as a kid…sometimes yes I like to ‘live in the past.’ But my life has been pretty good so far, with the occasional knock of disappointment or tragedy. Sad? Yes; but that is to be expected. If life was filled with strictly ‘up’ moments, a person would become very bored

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Fig’s Pregame

Hi people! My name’s Anthony, but other’s usually call me Fig so I guess we’ll go with that. This is my first post with Weekly Sports World so I figured, “why not make it an intro to me?” So here’s my pregame. I suppose I’ll go over a bit about myself and take it from there. First thing’s first: I

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Snackage After Close: Sushi

“Do you like sushi? Because I like sushi!” This is a similar sentence that fans of sushi normally ask to their friends. That also includes the phrase; “How do you know you won’t like?” But sushi is quite honestly the BEST food to have for a closing shift. It’s light but still filling, and also just something different to break

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