Man Do I Miss The Boomers!

Before I get into this, I would like to extend a rather late congratulations to the Schaumburg Boomers on their 2017 Frontier League Championship. It was well deserved, and you guys deserved it.

Now, on to why I’m here. For those that are not aware, I had the honor and privilege of being the Media Relations Intern with the Schaumburg Boomers. I was able to work alongside some very amazing people in the booth at Boomers Stadium. It was a job for the ages.

And hell, I even got to take stats while I watched the games. I mean, can you believe it? I got to sit, take stats, and WATCH BASEBALL………while GETTING PAID. That is quite honestly a dream come true.

But now, being a little over five months removed from my internship…….I miss it! Granted, and I’m not going to lie, it was still an internship. I had to do many duties that an intern is use to; such as running papers, and taking notes.

But you know what, I loved it! Just being in a baseball stadium; having the ability to look out at that beautiful field whenever I wanted, just made the experience even more surreal.

And the fact I got to talk about baseball and joke around with my co-workers made it even better. It kept everything loose and made the time go by way faster.

But, as my mom always told me, all good things must come to an end. I want to thank everyone at the Boomers organizations once again for allowing me to be a part of the family.  And I hope you guys have nothing but success this season and for future seasons to come.


Have you ever had a job/internship that you missed when it was done? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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