I grew up around the time that the internet was just starting to become a household item. That Dial-up sound and all……MOM! Get off the phone I need to check something out online! MOM!! GET OFF THE PHONE!!

When I connected to the internet for the very first time, it was like entering into another world. It seemed like when you were surfing the web one could see anything and everything, as long as you can stand waiting for the page to load. When ’email’ came along you could name yourself anything. From there, we got ‘Instant messenger’ programs; where you could type out an entire conversation with your friends. When all this started people looked forward to getting emails and they hated, HATED normal physical mail. Why? Because email was the new thing and a person, really, only got emailed from people they knew, or from that Nigeran Prince that still owes me money. 

Now, it seems like things have flipped. We dread looking at our emails, but we kind of enjoy looking through our mail more. Yes, we still might get the same bills in the mail as we use to; that is if you haven’t gone paperless, you eco-monster!! We may also get physical junk mail; flyers for that local band that has been trying to make it for the last ten years, or that little envelope with the fake dime in the little window saying something like “this dime could help save a person’s life”. Ignoring the fact that the money the company spent to send you the envelope with the fake dime in it could have used said money to actually make a difference.


We look past all that garbage mail because compared to our emails, there really isn’t that much junk mail. In fact, I’m happier looking through my physical mail than I am going through my email because physical mail makes me feel like I’m more connected to the world.

It may just be me here feeling this way but hear me out and see if you agree.

When I’m at work or at home looking at emails that have been sent to me throughout the day, I just feel like I am staring at a screen. I have no real connection to whoever or whatever wrote that message. However, if I am going through my physical mail and I see a letter or a card from someone, I will open it and I will read it. Cards especially make me think that someone took the time to hand write, even a small message to me. This shows that they took time out of their day to write something to me and not just push a bunch of buttons on a keyboard…yes, I see the irony in that last statement. 

I have a challenge for anyone reading this. Go write an actual letter or a small note, it doesn’t have to be long at all. Just a quick something to someone to show that you are thinking of them and to let them read something from someone they know that isn’t on a screen.

Comment below about what you wrote someone about. I really would like to know if people would do this. I think it would be cool.


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