Snackage After Close: Sushi

“Do you like sushi? Because I like sushi!”

This is a similar sentence that fans of sushi normally ask to their friends. That also includes the phrase; “How do you know you won’t like?”

But sushi is quite honestly the BEST food to have for a closing shift. It’s light but still filling, and also just something different to break up your week.

Instead of buying it all the time, something that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to get is a sushi maker kit. I would love to learn how to make it myself, and experiment with different ingredients as well.

But until then, I still have the various sushi establishments around me that supply it.

One includes a more “high-scale” sushi place that provides more high-quality sushi to it’s patrons. They use the freshest of fish that they can get, and make all of their sushi that day at the sushi bar.

Unfortunately, this sushi place does close before I get off work. It sucks because that is the best sushi you can get around here, and NOW I need to find another place to go.

The next best option for sushi at this time of night; the local grocery store.

Now STOP, don’t get this mixed up with the “gas station sushi” that you see all the time in sitcoms and memes. Granted, it still is in a fridge container; but they do take a lot more care of it at the grocery store.

When I pick out my sushi here, I always have a staple I go with. It is the standard spicy tuna roll, with an extra packet of soy sauce. It is one of their most popular ones, so they always keep it stocked and ready to go.

But when available, there is also a crunchy tuna roll that they make as well. It’s similar to the spicy tuna, but it has a crunch on the top AND an extra type sauce as well.

And yes, this does taste excellent with a cold beer. But, don’t go with a heavy beer with this; (you’ll thank me later).

Are you a fan of sushi? And what are some of your favorite types of sushi? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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