Are Cleaning Your Room And Your Closet Considered One Thing Or Two?

These past two days at work, this was the hot topic. This was what everyone was talking about. And if you answered it, then you were stuck in the argument.

But let me give you a little more context before I give my opinion……

Two of my co-workers are the best of friends; almost like sisters. They were arguing about cleaning their rooms, which somehow lead to the question; “Is cleaning your room and your closet one thing, or two?”

Since I have an opinion on something more times than not, I thought I’d chime in on the situation.

Personally, it is without a doubt two things! When you are cleaning your room and your closet, it is considered cleaning TWO SEPARATE areas; almost like cleaning two separate rooms. The reason being is because you still have to open the door in order to access your closet and whatever lies inside of it. Hence, you are cleaning your CLOSET and NOT YOUR ROOM!

Some may argue though that you can’t clean one without cleaning the other, which I believe to be bullshit. I have PLENTY of space in my closet to store various items that I have in my room. Whether it’s drawers, cabinets, or anything in between; the closet can be stocked before it is cleaned.

“But how can you NOT clean your closet without cleaning your room? They almost go hand-in-hand,” someone may ask.

Think about it like this; what is normally in front of a closet? DOORS! And what do doors do? They act as a pathway into another area, and block others from seeing what’s on the other side. SO if you don’t want people to see your stuff, then just have an organized closet and shove it all in there.


But what do you think of the situation? Do you think the room AND closet are one in the same? Or do you believe that it’s two separate things? Let me know in the comments below, and on The Midwestern Barfly Gazette‘s various social media pages;

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