Fig’s Pregame

Hi people! My name’s Anthony, but other’s usually call me Fig so I guess we’ll go with that. This is my first post with Weekly Sports World so I figured, “why not make it an intro to me?” So here’s my pregame. I suppose I’ll go over a bit about myself and take it from there.

First thing’s first: I like to drink. Could be borderline alcoholic but I prefer “connoisseur of fermented beverages” so there’s that. From beers to liquors, and wines to moonshine, my taste is universal. My favorites vary wildly every week, but this week has definitely got to be white stouts without a doubt. Get you one.

Hmmmm let’s see what’s next. I like to know things. Sounds simple and I assure you it is. I know a little of everything and like to do just about all you can think of. Cigars, video games, cars, sports, T.V., I love it all. This also means that if I don’t know something, or I know something will be brought up soon, I will research the hell out of it.

I suppose that’s a little about me for now. As Kellen may have previously stated, due to conflicting schedules and studies I’m doing, I will be limited on the number of posts I write. Give me any topics or questions and that can be expedited! I guess this post was pretty short and sweet but hey, so am I. 

Ummmmmm. Ok. Bye!

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