One Quick Ride


If you haven’t noticed, I, particularly like remembering how I saw things as a kid…sometimes yes I like to ‘live in the past.’ But my life has been pretty good so far, with the occasional knock of disappointment or tragedy. Sad? Yes; but that is to be expected. If life was filled with strictly ‘up’ moments, a person would become very bored very quickly.

Imagine a rollercoaster, if you will. This rollercoaster seems to be built in such a way that it looks like it will go on forever.

Awesome right?! So you hop on, and you are in the front car; because momma didn’t raise no wimp. Before you know it your car starts moving. Clang!, Clang!, Clang! The car starts going up and up and up. You look around and see the theme park passing below you. The vendor tents and other rides getting smaller and smaller the higher you go. You can see the parking lot and a cop giving your car a ticket…crap!…You shake that off and focus on this awesome ride you are on. Clang!, Clang!, Clang! Getting even higher now! This is gonna be SWEET! The rollercoaster continues to climb.  After a few more minutes of this, it hits you, like a ceiling fan that isn’t secured correctly.  THIS IS THE RIDE!!! 


The point I am trying to make, with this long drawn out story is; a life filled with only positive moments is like a rollercoaster that only goes up. It gets boring quick. I am sure you have heard this before, but here it is again anyway.

Life is filled with ups and downs, some bigger than others. You may even find yourself in a corkscrew while getting corkscrewed…I couldn’t write this without putting that in here, come on now…What I mean by that, besides the double entendre, is there will be times when life just keeps piling on and piling on. My advice, make sure you have good friends and family you can sit next to on the ride and don’t forget to laugh as much as you can throughout. After all, no one gets out alive.


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