Thoughts On Life Part 2

Because the first one was such a hit, and much like those walking, talking greedy suits in the movie and video game industries; I felt inclined to write a sequel to Thoughts On Life.

In no particular order and in the words of everyone’s favorite D.C. psychotic villain, Here…We…Go:

Read an actual book.

Don’t use ebooks, don’t use audiobooks. Pick up and read an actual book. Feel the weight of it. Smell the pages. There is a kind of small satisfaction that comes from hearing a page turn when you are reading an actual book. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about batteries.


We live in a world that is connected 24/7. We have gotten to the point where people share pictures of what they are eating! Take some time away from the screens…all of them! Go do something in real life. Go for a walk, have dinner with the TV and phones off, or even read before going to bed. Here is an advanced challenge for those of you so daring; delete your social media pages and see who actually has your phone number. Bonus points if you don’t tell anyone beforehand.

Learn to enjoy being alone with your thoughts.

This one is hard, but once you learn how to do it this skill becomes very enjoyable and useful.

Invest in yourself.

No one will until you do. Take a class on something useful. buy more professional clothes.

Learn to negotiate.

Not everyone can negotiate. But if you can and you learn to do it well, even if you aren’t a professional, knowing how to negotiate with people can help you make a few deals in your personal and professional life.


Learn to wait.

We have gotten so used to having everything as soon as we want it. Learn to be patient.

Cardio; it sucks but its good for you.

Doing some light cardio, like walking for an hour or two, can really help get your energy up if you work 8 hours behind a desk every day. You don’t have to do it every day; even every other day helps too.

Know when to say goodbye.

Things come to an end, that is a fact of life. No matter if it is in a romantic relationship or just a friend; if something isn’t right and you feel drained after talking to them; it is time to move on.

Don’t make enemies out of the wrong people. 

My father taught me a lot of things growing up. One thing I will always remember is him saying this: “There are three people you never want to tick-off; 1. is your plumber, 2. is your electrician, and 3. anyone and everyone who handles your food.”

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