Cherish Your Drinking

Drinking with your buddies is a time to cherish. A Saturday night, a rack of cheap brews, and maybe a handle of whiskey can create so much.

(For some, you may have been conceived on that. But I digress.)

What I mean though is, life always has a way of taking away the good times. One minute, you are hanging out with your buddies playing drinking games while listening to whatever shows up on their playlist. Then the next minute, you are married with three kids, sitting on the couch watching a kids movie for the ninth time in a row.

Now granted, I am not married at this point in my life. But you get the point.

It sucks; it sucks that it has to be this way. Because I’ll tell you what; I RELISH my college days. I miss them to no end! Like the random weekends where we would just sit around and play drinking games until the wee hours of the night. Or stumbling to the union plastered to get something greasy. It was the best!

And when I get married and start having kids, I’m going to miss these single days in my 20’s that I am having now. It’s a lot less responsibility, stress, and having a body that doesn’t hate you as much the day after drinking a lot.

It’s a vicious cycle!

So basically, I’m here to tell you to CHERISH those moments. Cherish the random bullshit you guys think of at three in the morning when you are stuffing your face with fast food. Cherish the laughs you have when drunk Eddy puts the empty beer case on his head and acts like a fool.

Because, this shit doesn’t last forever, and I am DREADING the day it ends for me.


Do you cherish those days? And what are some crazy drunk stories that you have? Let me know in the comments below, and on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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