If the Chicago Bears try and trade for Odell, I’m going to be PISSED! That would be the WORST idea for a franchise that is trying to climb out of the pit of crap. BUT, it would also be a move I wouldn’t put past them.

Last year, the Bears had NOTHING at the receiver position. Besides Zach Miller and “maybe” Kendall Wright, this is not a receiving core to help develop a young quarterback like Trubisky. You need quality, and you need stability.

A guy like Odell, although an AMAZING receiver, is going to demand ALOT in a trade. If the Bears want to pursue him; they’ll need HIGH draft picks, promising rookies, and probably a big name guy to send.

And sadly, our running game and our defense would probably suffer in the process.

For one, Jordan Howard is LITERALLY the only thing that the Chicago Bears had on offense last season. Even though his numbers did decline a bit as the season progressed, it was because teams keyed in on him. They knew that Chicago was being rather conservative with Trubisky, and wanted to run Howard into the ground.

The defense was also improving last year as well. Under the tutelage of Vic Fangio, the Bears saw alot more success on the defensive side of the ball than they did in some years past. If the Bears want Beckham, then the Giants are going to take someone from the defense. Someone the Bears need, and someone the Bears will miss if they left.

Now granted, I am not completely sold on Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel right now. Allen Robinson is coming off of an injury and hasn’t had a solid thousand yard season since 2015. Then Taylor Gabriel, who hasn’t seen more than fifty targets since his first season with Cleveland, will likely be asked to do more in his new role with the Bears.

But honestly, I would much rather have the Bears as they are now compared to what they would be with OBJ. Not taking anything away from him, since he is a great receiver. But the amount we would have to give up for him doesn’t constitute for the ending. If anything, it would be a MAJOR step back from the rebuilding path they’ve been on.


What do you think of the Odell situation? Do you think that the Bears should take a shot at him? Or should they just let him go? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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