Brian Dozier doubles down on unwritten rule enforcement — HardballTalk

Brian Dozier doubled down on taking offense at the Orioles’ Chance Sisco for laying down a bunt in a 7-0 game on Sunday.

via Brian Dozier doubles down on unwritten rule enforcement — HardballTalk

There is a time and a place to complain about this kind of stuff…….and here is not one of them.

Now let’s get something straight here, I understand that there are “unwritten rules” to baseball. It’s the kind of stuff that guys know not to do, which help protect the integrity of the game.

And within those rules, there are ones like; “Don’t bunt to try and break up a no-hitter,” that keep the game more exciting and fun. Because when you try and do that, it’s just bullshit and you look like an asshole afterward.

But bunting while you are down seven runs in the ninth inning? Now that’s a bunch of garbage if I ever heard it Dozier. Your pitcher already lost his no-hitter, and now all he’s trying to do is not give up his shutout. And you’re telling me that the Orioles are not allowed to keep competing because your pitcher has only given up one hit?

First off, how many times do you hear people talking about the amount of one-hit complete games a guy has? When does that tend to come up in normal conversation?

Frankly, only when a guy actually has one going on TV. A commentator will bring up some ridiculous stat about the amount of guys in history with one-hit shutouts. But besides that, you won’t hear baseball fans at a bar just tossing those facts around.

Second, where does it end? Can we not bunt with a two-hit shutout? A three-hit? Or even during a combined no-hitter with multiple pitchers?

In my book, the only time for this is during a no-hitter…….THAT’S IT! You don’t mess with history, and a one-hit shutout is not the history I’m talking about.


But what do you think? Do you believe that Dozier is in the wrong here? Or do you believe in his philosophy? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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