Brews: The Different Ways To Drink Them

If you love beer like I do, then you know there are MANY ways to drink a beer. And with those many ways, there are also many situations that you have to consider for each way to drink a beer.

Thankfully, your friendly neighborhood beer drinker is here to explain them to you.

1. Plastic Cups: Ohhhhh college, do I miss you! A plastic cup full of beer is the national symbol of; “Let’s get hammered.” When you are in college, or walk into more of a “dive bar,” you will see everyone sipping out of either a can, bottle, or one of these boys.

The type of beer that tends to go in a plastic cup are the ones that you can get 30 of for thirteen bucks. It turns into a quantity vs. quality game, and those are the numbers I tend to be most fond of.

Not only that, plastic cups are the ESSENTIAL part of drinking games across the world. When you think of “beer pong” or “flip cup,” you think of multiple cups of various colors lined up. Unless you are a SNOB, no one is using glass to play beer pong. There are too many needed, and broken glass is just a real downer at a party.

2. Glass: Now we’re getting a little fancier! We’re moving up in the world from dive bars and college days, to adulthood and breweries.

If I ever see you pouring a “plastic cup” beer into a glass…..and it’s NOT on draft at a bar…….I’m literally going to FLIP SHIT! That’s like bringing fast-food into a nice restaurant, looking the hostess dead in the eye, and saying; “Yea, this is happening.”

Glasses are reserved for beer on tap, and craft beers. They provide the optimal air-filtration and breathability to enhance the overall quality and flavor of the beer………

……….I’m sorry, I kind of nodded off there with that explanation.

Point is; fancy beer, fancy glass. Plain and simple!

3. Mugs: Revisiting the “quantity” argument from before leads to the introduction of the mug. And when I say “mug,” I’m not talking about those old-school steins from way back when. I’m talking about the large, glass mugs with handles that you normally are served in a sports bar.

The type of beers that go with a mug are ENDLESS! These are really that universal glass that can hold anywhere from “plastic cup” beers to various crafts. It’s just that “fun” kind of glass where you can get f***ed up with your friends, while still looking rather classy.

Just know, if you get one of the “legit” mugs; you better be ready to DRINK. Because that’s ALOT of beer, and very little time before it gets warm.

4. Cans/Bottles: One of the most common ways to drink a beer is from a can or a bottle. If you are too lazy to clean a beer glass, like I am sometimes; then you just down a brew out of one of these. But above all, it’s all convenience in this situation.

If you’re at a cookout, you’re more than likely not going to bring glasses along with you. It’s one more thing to pack, and the beer is already conveniently in a can and/or bottle for you. There is no need to transfer it anywhere.

And if you are a bar that doesn’t want to spend alot of cash; just sell your beer like this. Less money spent on plastic/glass, and all you have to do is toss it when you’re done.

Now, after hearing all four sides, how do YOU prefer your beer? VOTE NOW in our social media poll and see who wins!


But overall, how do YOU tend to drink your beer? Is it through a can/bottle? Plastic cup? Glass? Mug? Let me know in the comments below, and on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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One comment

  • Each container depends on the situation.
    Draft is my favorite in a glass. But it’s hard to drink on the tractor while cutting the grass.
    Then, it would be a can.
    What if a party had a keg, then for sure red cup.
    Bottles are for parties/places without a keg.
    So another great piece.


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