Is Shohei “SHO-Time” Ohtani Just On A Hot Streak? Or Is He Hitting His Stride?

The baseball world is buzzing as of late, with Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani’s two straight games with a homer. One of these games was off of AL Cy Young Winner Corey Kluber.

But the question is, is Ohtani just on a hot streak? Or is he starting to hit his stride?

To put a little context behind this first; Ohtani was a HIGHLY touted free-agent this past offseason, who eventually signed with the Los Angeles Angels. Before he came to the U.S., he was known in Japan for being rather dominant as both a batter and a pitcher.

So far, Ohtani has batted rather well in the AL. He’s hitting .429 with two homers and five RBIs through three games. But pitching is a different story, as he’s posting a 4.50 ERA with six strikeouts in his lone start of the year.

When it comes to hitting, he’s definitely on a “hot streak;” making the most of the opportunities he is given. The dinger he had off Corey Kluber really got the world watching, since Kluber is one of the best pitchers in the AL.

However, his pitching so far is “expected,” if that makes sense. They’re not BAD numbers, not at all. But they are not matching the hype that the media has given him since the start of his media frenzy. They’re just numbers that should be expected from a guy in his situation.

But overall, he’s just on a “hot streak” so far in his first season in the majors. Just like plenty of players; they start off hot, and then they kind of come back down to earth after a few weeks. It’s obvious, a no brainer, and some would ask me; “Why are you talking about this anyway?”

I always compare stuff to the teams I follow, like the Chicago Cubs when they won the series back in 2016. They started the season off GREAT; beating teams by large margins, and ending up with only 8 losses by the middle of May.

Then the Cubs came back down to earth, as they went 9-15 from June 17th to the All-Star break of that year. It all comes in cycles.

Here’s to a bright future for you Ohtani! I can’t wait to see what happens in your career. But this is a “hot streak,” and don’t expect a .400+ average to continue.


Do you believe Shohei Ohtani will continue this rise to stardom he’s on now? Or will he join the rest of the pack as this season progresses? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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One comment

  • He’s this century’s Babe Ruth.
    A bigger/stronger version of Ichiro, that can pitch. Your right about cycles for him, as soon as MLB pitchers figure him out he will slow down. But Remeber Ichiro didn’t slow down until he was 40.
    Again, great piece Kellen.

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