Snackage After Close: Burgers

A nice burger is ALWAYS something that can make a long work-shift seem worth it. Knowing that a cheeseburger is in your future gives you that extra bit of energy to power through the last few hours of a shift.

But on the flip side of that argument, you just CRAVE it the entire shift as well. Just thinking of the perfect burger made my stomach growl non-stop.

For me, the ideal burger is cooked to somewhere between medium and medium-rare. Not too short to get sick, and not too long to make it dry like the Sahara desert. Burgers are simple food to cook, yet can be ruined VERY easily.

To top the burger, I always recommend shredded lettuce and pickles as my toppings. Tomatoes and onions are just a bit too far for me.

Then, the condiments can vary depending on what the burger is served with. Normally, I would make/get a “burger sauce” to top it all off. But if a sauce like that is not available, or I’m too lazy to make one at home, ketchup and mustard are still perfect!

Finally, you have the bun. Now, an elegant and classic brioche bun is always a standard choice for the perfect burger. But if you can, give a pretzel bun a try. The saltiness of the bun just adds another level of flavor to the burger overall.

But with every good burger, there has to be a side. For me, you need to go with a side of fries; and plenty of people have their own spin on making French fries.

The best ones I have EVER tasted however were the “Truffle Fries” that a local pub near me serve. It’s rather hard to explain, so you may have to just try them for yourself. But all I can really say is the taste of these fries just brings you to another level of euphoria. They don’t even need a sauce to dip in; that’s how good they are.

Finally, what’s a burger without a cold beer next to it? With all of my previous “Snackage After Close” articles, I always suggested a lighter beer with your meal. However, with burgers, you can really choose ANY beer you want. IPA, Belgian, Pilsner, etc….. All that matters at this point is your preference, and how hungry you are.


Do you have an ideal burger that you think of? And what kind of side would you have with it? Let me know in the comments below, and on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media pages;

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