Four Sins To NEVER Commit When Drinking Beer……

If you make ANY of these four mistakes while we are drinking together; then it’s best to say that I will leave you right there and then. I don’t want to be seen with someone that would do things like; use a straw to drink their beer, or putting ice in said beer.

And trust me, your friends will thank me too. So let me do you a favor, and teach you the four sins to NEVER commit while drinking beer;

1. Using a Straw: For those who are regulars to Weekly Sports World, you would know that I have covered this already in a previous article. So, instead of dragging this out again, I will link it here for you all to enjoy;

Using A Straw To Drink Your Beer…..

2. Putting Ice in your Beer: This……..I don’t understand. Why THE HELL would someone even think to put ice into a perfectly good beer.

The brewers who made that for you didn’t pour their hearts into it for you to just water it down, all “willy nilly” like that. There is plenty of water put into it; now suck it up and chug it down. Because this, this is just a slap in the face to all brewers everywhere.

“But Kellen, the alcohol percentage is so drastically high! I don’t want to get messed up.”

First off, if someone has ever just THOUGHT of this sentence before, then they need to stop drinking beer, take a step back from the bar, and let the professionals handle their business.

Secondly, if there is too much alcohol in the beer………..DON’T ORDER IT. Plain and simple.

3. Asking Someone For A Sip of Their Beer: Let’s get something straight here; unless we are dating or family, YOU ARE NOT GETTING A SIP OF MY BEER. Hell, family is even pushing it a bit depending on the family member.

But you are a grown adult, with a license and the ability to drink. So get your own damn beer or ask the bartender for a taster if they have them.

4. Shotgunning Craft Beers: I saw a video of this online, and it literally made me cringe. Because craft beers are made to be enjoyed…….while you’re getting plastered. They are NOT SOMETHING TO SHOTGUN. That’s just a waste of a perfectly good beer.

And Speaking Of Wasting Beer, 5. Wasting Beer For Stupid Reasons: You may have seen this video, but a kid thought he would be cool to just smash a bunch of beer cans one by one against his head. He was yelling throughout the whole video for some reason; (probably to show how big of a douchebag he is).

No sir, you are NOT cool. In fact, about 90% of the people who watched that video HATE YOU for wasting all of that beer. I literally needed counseling after watching that.


Do you agree with my four choices? Have you committed any of these horrific acts? And are there any that I may have forgotten? Let me know in the comments below, and on one of The Midwestern Barfly Gazette’s various social media accounts;

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