New league will go without kickoffs, and NFL will watch closely — ProFootballTalk

The NFL seems to be moving toward eliminating kickoffs, and leading the way will be the new Alliance of American Football. That upstart league, which will begin play in 10 months, will not have any kickoffs. The biggest obstacle to the NFL’s desire to eliminate kickoffs has been figuring out what to do about onside…

via New league will go without kickoffs, and NFL will watch closely — ProFootballTalk

Devin Hester Might Just Have An “Unbreakable” Record…….

I’m just going to say right now; the kickoff is the “least popular play,” as mentioned in the article, because the league PUSHED IT UP. Before, when there wasn’t a touchback every other time, the kickoff actually had some meaning to it.

This could just be me, a Bears fan who lived in the days of Devin Hester. But when it was time for a kickoff, I was on the edge of my seat. I was anxious to see what was about to happen; if Hester was going to be able to score or not.

But since the league is looking to reduce the amount of injuries in the game, they decided a few years back to move the kickoff to the 35 yard line. Although it did create more safety during one of the more dangerous times of a football game; it also rendered the kickoff virtually obsolete.

Now don’t get it twisted, because I’m not saying player safety is wrong. All I’m saying is kickoffs suck because we made them suck. And because of that, if the NFL adopts the ideas of the new football league coming out; Devin Hester’s return record is going to withstand the test of time.

Congrats Devin, you quite possibly have just secured the most UNTOUCHABLE record in league history.


Do agree that there should be no more kickoffs? Do you like the new suggestions mentioned in the PROFOOTBALLTALK article? And do you agree that Devin Hester’s record will last forever?

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