Are You A “Catcher,” A “Shooter,” Or Boring?

Statistics show that 85.2% of ALL MEN out there do something with their underwear when they are changing.

(Statistics also show that that statistic is crap…….but I digress.)

If you don’t do something creative with your underwear, well then we will just put you in the “boring” category.

But until you start to judge, let’s define each category. Let’s dive deeper into this situation, shall we?

1. “Catcher:” The “flip and catch” is a classic maneuver when it comes to handling one’s underwear. It’s very simple; you set the underwear up on the foot, fling it in the air, and try to catch it in your hand after achieving an optimal amount of spins.

Just imagine yourself, after a long day at work. You’re boss was on your back all day, you screwed up on various different things, and ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS RELAX. But, you need that confidence booster. You need that one thing that will help get your mind on the right track before your shower beer.

So you flip that pair of underpants up in the air, looking to crush your old record of five spins from last week. And………you NAIL IT! Your confidence is through the roof now, and that upcoming “shower beer” is just the icing on the cake.

2. “Shooter:” Some people prefer to “shoot” their underwear into the laundry basket instead of flip them up. Basically, the start is the same as the “flip and catch,” but you just shoot it forward with hopes of making it in the basket.

This maneuver is rather difficult at times, since the fabric itself doesn’t normally have that much weight to it. You really need to give it great force sometimes in order to make it in the basket.

But if you want to make things more interesting, you could turn on a fan or open a window. This would create optimal air circulation to possibly interfere with the shot itself.

The individuals that prefer to “shoot” their underwear normally have a strong will to compete, keen eyesight, and unmatched accuracy. The negatives for them are their dreams of making the NBA may never come true with this skill.

3. “Boring:” Alright, what’s more “boring” than just taking each leg out and simply placing your underwear into the laundry basket? We go through our lives, day after day, just going through the motions. We get up, go to work, comes home, eat, go to bed, etc…… WHY NOT HAVE A LITTLE FUN IN YOUR DAY?!?!

The sad part is that there are people out there that are thinking; “Kellen, you’re a fool! I have no time for something as silly and childish as this.”

That’s where I say, you’re WRONG! Everyone has time for this! You just have to stop being a negative individual, and enjoy the moment. Because even the littlest moments can brighten up anyone’s day.


The question here though is, which one of these categories defines you? How do you see yourself? Let me know in the comments below……..

……..and just as a disclosure, I am full of shit when it comes to the traits people portray in each category. 

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