Another Season, Another Year Not Following Hockey…….

Trust me, I’m not trying to talk bad about hockey. That’s not what this is about.

What this is about is myself, and a large majority of the United States, not really showing enough determination to learn the sport. And it sucks because I tell myself every year that I want to make a conscious effort to follow it like I do basketball or football.

Now don’t get it twisted, it’s not that I’ve never seen a hockey game. And I’m not saying I don’t know a thing about hockey. All I’m saying is I want to be able to follow the league closer than normal; like a true hockey fan does.

The positive about this situation though is that the playoffs are here, and this is the time for some intense hockey.  Even though my local team, the Blackhawks, are not in it; watching other teams would help gain a new found respect for the game as a whole.

BUT, I’m the type of person where if I say this so far in advance, my dumbass will forget about it when the regular season starts. SO, I’m asking for your help to keep me honest on this promise. Comment on this post, or just contact me directly on social media about the matter. Say stuff like; “Hey asshole, who’s leading the Western Conference right now?” Or; “Did you watch the (insert team name here) game today?”

Because I truly want to become a hockey fan, and I will be taking the first steps to make that happen.


Are you a hockey fan? Have you been wanting to get into hockey more? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

One comment

  • Hockey season starts late April.
    It’s called playoff hockey.
    The rest of the season is just a very long preseason for the top teams. If you feel the need to watch hockey during football season, set a reminder on your phone. Lol

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