“Road Sodas” And Baseball Games….

Trust me; I am NOT condoning drinking and driving. You should ALWAYS drink responsibly, and ALWAYS have a designated driver or a safe means of travel when you are partying.

(I can’t believe I have to start my articles with that. Seems like a LOGICAL thing, but I digress……)

When I think of a day at the ballpark, the two things that always come to mind are hot dogs and beer. But with some ballparks, the beers can get quite expensive; some even hitting as high as $10 a pop. It would cost a small fortune to have your normal………five or six……….in a three hour span.

So that means you sometimes need to get a head start on the game. You need to prepare yourself on the trip up there.

In comes the “road soda”……..

Now, to cover my own ass, I’m not talking about the normal “road soda” of beers in a car. I’m talking about a train, or a walk to the ballpark. A means of travel where you can go with a big group of people, and you don’t have to worry about driving.

A “road soda” provides a more economically savvy selection to help get your day started. If you and a group of five buddies are heading down on a Saturday afternoon; a round of brews at the ballpark could range around fifty-five to sixty bucks (depending on the brew). BUT, a couple six packs of beer on the train would probably cost you around seven to ten bucks a pack. Then, all you probably will need at the ballpark is two or three; BOOM, I just saved you money.

But honestly, do yourself a favor and DON’T GO WITH CRAFT BEERS. A trip to the ballpark is sometimes an all-day event, and you don’t want to already be hammered by the time the first pitch is thrown. Just don’t fear, and stick to LIGHT BEER!

With the baseball season in FULL FORCE, there are plenty of games on the horizon to attend. Make sure you stay safe, and enjoy the greatest sport out there.


Will you be attending any baseball games in the near future? Send us some pics in the comments below and SHARE your experience.

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