Pelicans OBLITERATE Trail Blazers In Four

Honestly, I thought this would be MUCH closer. At least six, MAYBE seven games in the series. But I never would have expected the Pelicans to pull off a SWEEP!

Let’s start with Game 1 though, since it was the most competitive game out of them all. The Blazers actually kept it close throughout, until the end when Anthony Davis sunk two crucial free-throws with 12 seconds left. New Orleans ended up taking the W by a score of 97-95.

After that, the rest of the series was……….history.

Pelicans ended up beating the Trail Blazers by at least eight points in the final three games, with Game 3 ending in a 119-102 BEATDOWN!

Anthony Davis lead New Orleans along the way; averaging 28 points a game in the process. He even capped off the series with a double-double in Game 4 (47pts/11boards).

But quite honestly, the most interesting performance from this series had to be from Jrue Holiday. He went off for 33 and 41 consecutively in Game’s 2 and 4, which were two of his career highs in the postseason. He played very well, and I am excited to see how he does next round.

The most disappointing performance has to be from Damian Lillard. To me, I see him as THE GUY in Portland, and he did not show that in this series. He needed to be the top scorer in each of those games……..or at least eclipse 20 points in all four.

But sadly, he did not. Granted, CJ McCollum had some good nights; like his 38 point performance in Game 4. But the Blazers were still out-performed from whistle to whistle. Anthony Davis DOMINATED whoever he was matched-up against, and the Blazers bigs really weren’t able to stop the bleeding on the inside.

Overall, third seeded Portland just wasn’t ready, and now they’re heading home early.


What did you think of the series? Who were you cheering for? Let me know in the comments section below.

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