Hangovers And Breakfast

You wake up at 10:13 AM on Sunday morning; head throbbing, and belly screaming at you. Your body is basically cursing you out, saying; “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT????”

Those drinks from the night before are basically smacking you around that morning like you owe them money. And now, to stop the pain, you need that greasey savior to soak it all up.

But where to go? What should you get?

One can go many different routes with the “hangover breakfast.” For me, it has to be the neighborhood diner. Diners provide the optimal amount of food, and sometimes grease, to cure any hangover.

And when I say “diner,” you FOR SURE know what I am talking about. That classic old-school place with random ceramic chickens everywhere, wood paneling, and a sweet-old woman pouring your cup of coffee. The type where you see the families out on the weekend, the elderly partaking in their “early-bird special,” and the hungover people……like me!

But what to get when you visit the diner? What’s best for your breakfast?

For me, I always go for the eggs, bacon, French toast, hash browns, and a nice BIG cup of coffee. Normally, all of this comes in one of their specials for the morning. But if they don’t, you better believe the waitress’ notepad get’s filled up QUICK with my order.

There are plenty of positives about the diner. But there is one slight negative that you always need to be aware of……….THE NOISE!

Remember those “families” I was talking about earlier? The ones with the seven kids ranging from one to nine and a half? They will more than likely be CRYING throughout your breakfast; thus setting off your headache even more.

If you are lucky enough to not have to deal with the noise, then it’s your lucky day.

But, if you have restraint when they are there, you can probably ignore them. BUT for those that don’t…………I wish you the best of luck……


What do you normally do for a “hangover breakfast?” When you go to the diner, what’s your meal of choice? Let me know in the comments below!

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