Road Meditation

Is your mind a mess? Major changes coming in your life? Can’t stop thinking? You should go for a drive! It doesn’t have to be long; a good rule of thumb is about a one hour trip in total. Put on your favorite songs and just drive……preferably in light traffic.

Personally, this works well for me. In fact, I just got back from a drive for this very purpose. Yes I know I should decrease my carbon footprint; but at the same time driving is the only thing I find that engages my mind in a way where I feel like I am actually doing something. Plus on my way back, if I remember, I can pick up the groceries I need.

No matter if it is something small weighing on one’s mind or something large that is putting a strain on your emotions and your thought process, go for a drive. Set a destination before you leave, get in your car, and just go.

There is something about being in control of a machine. The roar of the engine, the beat of the music pounding through the speakers in rhythm with the potholes that you hit…for whatever reason. This action can help and does help a lot of people focus on what is bothering them.


Little tips before you try this:

  1. Make sure you are in the right mindset to drive. Meaning you know the rules of the road and you plan on and are capable of obeying all driving laws within your state.
  2. Before you leave to drive, you should pick a destination. And if you are planning your drive ahead a time, figure out a time to leave and a time to be back. (Personally, I drive in the evening just when it starts getting dark out…I love the red and white lights …In addition, the darkness helps me focus on whats right in front of me with little to no other distractions.)
  3. Put your phone down. No texting and driving! Just pick your favorite playlist to drive to, set it & forget it.
  4. Sing along with the songs. Singing songs that you like over and over again can help set your mind into a sort of meditation mode, which allows you to focus on what is in front of you physically and mentally.
  5. If you find yourself having road rage issues or not being able to find that kind of rhythm I mentioned at the top, turn around and go home. Try this again another time. This doesn’t work every time, just most, and it is up to the mental and emotional stability of the driver.


See you on the road!



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