Summer Beach Bod: The “Embrace It” Routine

It’s starting to get warm out, and the sun is shining. It’s time to hike up those swim shorts, grab your buds, and hit the beach.

But you look down and it hits you; you are not quite in “beach bod” form. Those long nights of drinking IPAs on cold winter nights really expanded your gut. Now PRIME beach season is a month away, and you need to find a way to salvage the summer.

The next step; The “Embrace It” Routine…….

Oh yes, the “Embrace It” Routine! The routine where you just say “screw it,” and party your ass off. The routine where you bring a 30-rack of brewskis and a bottle of tequila to a barbecue and create a memory that you will soon forget.

With an “Embrace It” routine, you need to have a steady regimen of various character building maneuvers to help strengthen your overall being. For me, my routine involves “brewski curls,” “sprints,” and beer pong.

When performing brewski curls, some like to do the standard ones with the cans and bottles that comes out of their 30-racks. But for me, I always like to lift heavy. So if you are like me, the 40’s will do the trick. Heavy weight for low reps, and you’ll see gains QUICK!

Then we come to the sprints, which can take even the most experienced drinkers out early. Some would normally call these “shotgunning” beers, which consists of puncturing a hole near the bottom of the can and downing it really fast. But to make it sprints, you need to do them consecutively! And your breaks would be in between brews while you pop the next can.

And finally, beer pong caps off the routine. It is a simple game, and classic all the same. When you play beer pong, it helps build your hand-eye coordination skills, as well as your aim. And you can play whenever you want; whether it’s by yourself or at a party. But honestly, playing beer pong by yourself can get really sad and depressing.

Overall, enjoy the summer how you want to enjoy it. Don’t stress over what people think of you. Work out on your own time, but still have fun in the process.


Do you believe in the “Embrace It” routine? Let me know in the comment section below.


(Still can’t believe I have to mention something as simple as that)

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