A “Self-Balancing Scooter” Night?

For the record, the reason I’m not using the other word for these is because that is apparently a company name……….and I’m not about to give free advertising here.

But just picture for me; board, two wheels, lean to move. You’ve seen one of these before SOMEWHERE in your life.

(But I digress).

Anyway, what’s pissing me off regarding these is not the product itself; it’s the event that is being held using them.

You see, I was casually running around yesterday; getting my errands done. I was passing by our local roller-rink, when I saw the sign in front of the building. At the bottom of the sign, it read; “Self-Balancing Scooter Night: Coming Soon.”

First off, it’s still shocking to me that roller-rinks are still around in 2018. I know I wasn’t around when they were SUPER prevalent in society; but they were still popular in my childhood. But now, you’d think that all the kids with their technology wouldn’t be interested in rolling around in a circle on skates.

But honestly, who wants to ride one of these scooters around in a circle for an hour? Where is the fun in that? I mean, you are literally standing and scooting around the rink, going around and around.

Also, how would you choose songs for something like this? What are they going to do, have a “slow scoot” in place of the “slow skate” during the romantic songs? And will you still have guys trying to impress the ladies with how many circles they can go around in? It’s just silly to me.

Yes, I know, it’s probably just a gimmick to get people into the building. But I’m trying to look at the bigger picture here. I’m fleshing this out in my head to see what could actually come of this.

Think about it; years from now, generations of kids down the line are going to get too bored and lazy to actually roller skate that these places are going to need something more. They are going to need something to bring these kids BACK in.

In comes these scooters……

We’re going to end up walking into one of these establishments and just see kids scooting around in a circle like they are actually doing something. They’ll be scooting to the concessions stand, the arcade, the bathroom (gross); ANYTHING you can think of that kids did in roller rinks, they will probably be doing in “scoot rinks.” No more skates at all, just lazy kids eating laundry detergent pods and scooting about.

I’m not trying to say ban this from happening, not at all! All I’m saying is you won’t see me spending money to participate in something like this. It’s a perfectly fine “one-time” gimmick to draw attention to your business. But PLEASE, let’s not let this replace the skates.


But what do you think about scooter rinks? Do you like the idea? Let me know in the comments section below.

One comment

  • We are getting closer as a society like the movie wall-e.

    But for those of us over 50 we remember the Jetsons.

    The younger generation should watch that cartoon from the 60s.
    We are almost there.


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