I Didn’t Know There Was A Spot For The Plastic Wrap…..

I am still laughing at this one as I am writing this. Because APPARENTLY, there is a specific spot in the cabinet for the plastic wrap.

Picture this; I am sitting on the couch watching television as my father is in the kitchen cooking. He goes into the cabinet to get the plastic wrap so the sauce for the ribeye can sit in the fridge for a bit, and starts to open a new box.

Then, we were both startled as my mother runs to him saying; “Don’t do that, there’s already one open in there.” She shuffles through the various boxes of plastic bags and napkins until she found the aforementioned opened box.

“Why isn’t it in the same spot as normal,” my father asked.

“Your son must have put it in the wrong spot after he made his sandwich for work,” she replied.

“DAMNIT Kellen,” he guffawed, as he said my name laughing.

Once I figured out what they were talking about, the situation sent me into a boisterous laughing fit. Even though the open box of plastic wrap is in the same cabinet ON THE SAME SHELF, it’s still in the wrong spot.

After experiencing this, APPARENTLY the world would have come to an end if my dad opened up a new box. HEAVEN FORBID that there is two open boxes of plastic wrap in the cabinet. We just wouldn’t be able to go on with our lives!!!

But apparently, after 10+ years of living in this house, there is a specific spot for it…….and now I know.

Honestly, if I ever hit major writers block, my parents will always provide great material!


Have you ever run into a situation like this one? Did you ever put something back that APPARENTLY wasn’t in the right place? Let me know in the comments below.


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