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Hangovers And Breakfast

You wake up at 10:13 AM on Sunday morning; head throbbing, and belly screaming at you. Your body is basically cursing you out, saying; “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT????” Those drinks from the night before are basically smacking you around that morning like you owe them money. And now, to stop the pain, you need that greasey

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Jim Mora touts Josh Rosen as potential Hall of Famer — ProFootballTalk

Last month, former UCLA coach Jim Mora raised eyebrows by calling USC quarterback Sam Darnold a better fit for the Browns at No. 1 than UCLA’s Josh Rosen. In a subsequent effort to put the ketchup in the bottle, Mora squirted it everywhere by seemingly hinging Rosen’s chances of success to having appropriate mental stimulation.… via Jim Mora touts Josh Rosen

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Peyton Manning on turning down TV work: I don’t want to be a critic “at this point” — ProFootballTalk

FOX and ESPN both were willing to pay Peyton Manning big money to spend one day a week working an NFL game. The former NFL MVP was the sexiest name available. But Manning, speaking at a Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix earlier this week, said he wasn’t ready. “I don’t want to be a critic… via Peyton Manning on turning down

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Camera Phones

When I blog, I try to bring to you goofy and/or funny content that hopefully brings about some form of laughter from anyone who reads it. Whether it’s about the condom challenge, shower beers, or just drinking in general; I enjoy just talking about the fun stuff. But for this one, I want to address a different topic. I want

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