Matt Nagy: Bears “certainly have enough” offensive pieces now — ProFootballTalk

The Bears went into the offseason with a goal of upgrading their offensive options and head coach Matt Nagy gave a positive review of their work after the end of the draft on Saturday. Chicago added help at wide receiver and tight end in free agency, drafted interior lineman James Daniels and wide receiver Anthony…

via Matt Nagy: Bears “certainly have enough” offensive pieces now — ProFootballTalk


Is Your Head Shaking Like Mine?

Whenever I hear a coach talk about how they have the “pieces,” it makes me shake my head in disgust. You are building up WAY too much unneeded “hype” without any physical proof that your words are sustainable.

I don’t believe his words one second, and I hope you don’t either. As a Chicago fan, I’ve been subjected to this type of press conference “mumbo-jumbo” for years. From the COUNTLESS crappy years of the Cubs, to the downward spiral of the Bulls from prominence; we’ve been spoon-fed this “hype” garbage for years.

And I get it, what do you expect him to say? It’s Nagy’s first year in Chicago, and he’s not going to be super “conservative” about his team’s chances. But the fact some people out there actually buy it makes me concerned for their sanity.

I don’t expect much out of the Bears this year; maybe five to six wins for the season. But there is alot of great talent on this team who all have bright futures in this sport.

I’m excited to see what their future holds…….but don’t expect alot this year.


What do you think of Matt Nagy’s words from his press-conference? Do you think I am far off? Let me know in the comments below.

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