3 Year Old Makes Comedic Home Run In Slow Motion — CBS Local

CHICAGO (CBS) – A 3-year-old boy, told by his coach to run home as fast as he can, had a little fun with the coach’s commands and instead ran in slow motion. 43 more words

via 3 Year Old Makes Comedic Home Run In Slow Motion — CBS Local


The Cutest Home Run Ever!

Have you seen this video yet? This is literally the CUTEST home run you will ever see. This kid tried to pull off an old-school slow motion run that you normally see in sports movies.

Props to everyone for being a good sport about the situation. There’s normally those parents/coaches that say; “Just play the game,” and “Why is this allowed?” But, they let it go.

Now you may be thinking to yourself; “Kellen, isn’t this normally the time where you criticize him for being too cocky?” That would be where I chime in saying; “…….HE’S THREE YEARS OLD!”

Let’s keep the game fun for the kids. Don’t get rid of the scoring, but don’t be a jerk when this happens.


What did you think of this kid’s home run trot? Wasn’t it the cutest baseball play you’ve seen? Let me know in the comments below……

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