Celtics Drop 76ers: Who’d You Rather See Face The Cavs?

The Celtics have taken a 2-0 lead over the Philadelphia 76ers by a score of 108-103. The young guns of Boston continue to shine with their major vets Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward sidelined with various injuries.

But the question remains; would Boston vs. Cleveland be the “must-see” matchup of the playoffs? Or would “The King” taking on the “Heir Apparent” of Ben Simmons be the better one?

Although the Celtics were taken to seven games by the Bucks in the first round, they have been rather dominant to start their series against Philly. They won Game One 117-101, and NOW they are two wins away from moving on to the next round.

The Celtics have been playing great team basketball, spreading the floor and giving the whole team a chance to contribute. Game Two, for example, saw SIX Boston players score in double figures. A team like that facing off against a Lebron-lead Cavs squad would be a sight to see. And, to be quite honest, Boston would probably have the best chance to win that series if everyone stays healthy.

The 76ers, on the other hand, would be more of a headline worthy series. They would give media outlets a much needed story to go after, which would involve something like; “King vs. Prince for chance at Finals,” or some crap like that.

Also, if you’ve been following anything I do for a while, you would know that this is the series that I have been wanting. Ever since their 132-130 win over Cleveland on April 6th, I thought this would be the series to watch out for.

But with the Celtics hot start in the second round, I’m not so sure. As of right now, I would want to see the Celtics face Lebron in the next round. He has alot of history facing Boston, and they seem to be the hotter team at the moment.

However; I would NOT be mad if Philly ends up squeaking out a W when it’s all said and done. The magnitude of that series would still be electric, and would cause a major buzz around the league. But they will need to play alot better the rest of this series to change my mind.


What are your thoughts on this series so far? Who do you feel would make for a more interesting opponent against Lebron and the Cavs? Let me know in the comments below…

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