Mom Warns About ‘Deodorant Challenge’ After Teen Is Badly Burned — CBS Las Vegas

YATE, ENGLAND (CBS Local) – A mother in England is warning parents on social media about a dangerous fad that left her daughter with severe burns. 376 more words

via Mom Warns About ‘Deodorant Challenge’ After Teen Is Badly Burned — CBS Las Vegas


Another Stupid Challenge Has Surfaced!

For the record, alot of my thoughts here may sound similar to my recent articles about stupid kids challenges. So if you would like to read those first, give them a look below;

The “Condom Challenge”

Kids Are Literally Eating Laundry Detergent Pods For A Dare….

But, now we have a NEW challenge that has surfaced over in England. This time, the abuse of spray-can deodorant is the culprit.

You can read all about it in the article above written by CBS Las Vegas; but the basics of the challenge is spraying this deodorant on your body for as long as you can.

My question is, where do kids come up with this shit? And are kids really THAT BORED that they need to come up with these ideas to harm their bodies?

For one, I never really liked these aerosol deodorant cans. I thought the smell was putrid, and the fact it was in an aerosol can just opened the door for stupidity right from the get-go.

But, I would have never thought of just spraying a whole can of this crap on my body. That kind of shit would never have crossed my mind.

Another question I have though is; if it hurts, why would you keep doing it? Or if someone says you should try it and “it’s going to hurt,” WHY TRY IT? That’s basically like your mom telling you not to touch the stove as a kid or else you will get burned……..AND YOU DO IT ANYWAY!?!? Where’s the common sense there?

Oh wait, my bad; common sense flew out the door the day social media was born. Kids all around the world are trying to perform these stupid challenges just so people they DON’T KNOW like their content. They care more about what strangers think of them then their own well-being.

Now, some nonsensical nincompoop is probably going to comment on this post and say; “Hey man, you’re doing the same thing. You’re posting on the internet so people will like you.”

That may be half true; I am posting on the internet to try and build a website. But guess what, I’m actually using my BRAIN to construct a thought in an article. I’m not physically harming myself like an idiot so that “Donny Dumbshit” down the street thinks I’m cool.

I truly hope that whoever is injured doing challenges like this have a speedy recovery. But these things need to stop. Think twice about your actions folks!


Now, what do you think of this “Deodorant Challenge?” Let me know in the comments below.

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