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With the return of Josh Gordon and the trade for Jarvis Landry and the drafting of Antonio Callaway, the Browns suddenly have a crowded room at the receiver position. Does that make 2016 first-rounder Corey Coleman the odd man out? Perhaps. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer suggests that the Browns would trade…

via Would Browns trade Corey Coleman? — ProFootballTalk


Should The Bears Go For Coleman?

I saw this article come across my feed, and I thought to myself; should the Bears go for Coleman? Should Pace throw a flyer Cleveland’s way and see what they can get back?

For those of you who are unaware, since it has been some time since people have seen him on the field; Coleman was a first round pick by Cleveland out of Baylor. He was ELECTRIC in college, posting 1000+ yard seasons his sophomore and junior year, with 20 TD’s coming in his finally year before the draft.

But then, once he hit the pros, he was plagued with injuries that kept him out of action for quite a bit; (as mentioned in the article above by ProFootballTalk).

Now I know, the Bears did recently stack their receiving core up a bit more with guys like Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel. But the rest……..isn’t as great.

For one, you have Kevin White who has been a COMPLETE BUST since they drafted him. I have never been so disappointed in a pick in my life. Then you got Josh Bellamy who, any time I watched him last season, couldn’t haul in a damn pass to save his life. Then after that, you got just a mishmash of draft picks and signees that will probably be third, fourth, and fifth options this upcoming year.

So having said that, why not throw the Browns an offer for Coleman? Even though he has been injured alot since he was drafted, he has the ability to be such a great receiver. His athleticism can create another MUCH NEEDED target for Mitchell Trubisky, who is still trying to come into his own as a quarterback.

And if he doesn’t work out, you only lose out on two years with the guy. So might as well give him a shot.


What are your thoughts on Corey Coleman? Do you think he would make a good addition to the Bears? Or should they just not even bother? Let me know in the comments below.

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