Shopping On A Holiday

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day; that time of year to celebrate your mother. It was that time of the year where you thank her for everything she has ever done for you, whether it’s getting you through school, taking care of you when you were sick, and everything in between.

But the one thing Mother’s Day is not for is………SHOPPING! You should not be shopping on a day where you should be celebrating with family. Because the people working at these retail establishments want to be celebrating this day with their family; NOT taking care of your selfish self.

I bring this up because I was driving to Mother’s Day dinner around 2:30 in the afternoon on Sunday. I was passing by a clothing store that, for some reason, still had cars in the parking lot. And it wasn’t just a few employee cars, it was MULTIPLE vehicles. It was enough cars to constitute an actual day open. My mind was extremely BOGGLED by this.

I compare seeing this to my mother on this day, and how she would NEVER go shopping on holidays like this. Hell, she hates going to stores on Sundays IN GENERAL, let alone on Mother’s Day. She prefers powering up the computer, and pulling up her web browser to find whatever she needs.

I’m not saying to shift to online shopping, I’m not saying that at all. Brick and mortar retail establishments keep MANY people employed, and I am very happy about that. But when it comes to holidays that involve being with FAMILY like Mother’s and Father’s Day, think twice before shopping.

And to these retail establishments that are open on holidays like this, do me a favor and close up on these days. HELL, I’ll take you being open until 1:00PM if necessary. That way, people still have a chance to make some money and still have the rest of their day to celebrate with family.


But I want to know, do you go shopping on Mother’s Day? Do you go shopping on these family-centered holidays? Or do you think places should be closed? Let me know in the comments section below.

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